Dressing Up Edwardian With Fits, Shoes and Hats for Men

Dressing a man in the 1910’s, during the Edwardian style era, is not very various from today. There are, nevertheless a couple of information which separate historical from modern-day.

The Sack Suit
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For starters, Men used Sack fits. These were long, plain, loose fitting (some might state baggy) fit coats with wide lapels and a one to 3 button closure. Modern suits are comparable but generally much shorter in length and fitted.

A white or ivory silk vest with, or without lapels, was used under the fit. The vest cut was mid chest, at the most affordable, to be seen under the coat.

Under the vest was a standard day shirt. These, like modern gown t-shirts, were light colors of whites, greys, and subtle striping.

The Shoes.

Carrying on we take a look at shoes. Here is where we begin to see major differences in design. Guy might select between three kinds of shoes, mostly depending on where the shoes were going to be worn.

Boots were developed for heavy walking and were usually worn for traveling, company and labor tasks. They were typically two tone with the upper half white like a shoe spats, or a lighter color then the sole.

The next option for business wear was the oxford. These are very similar to males’s dress shoes today. Single tone and a couple of two-tones were beginning to go into the fashion scene. Arches were likewise quite high.

Finally, formal clothes might invite a male to wear “Pumps.” OK you can stop chuckling now. Yes males’s shoes were called “Pumps.” They look like a cross in between a men’s oxford and a modern females’s low-heeled flats. They had the information of an oxford with a high arch and 1-2 inch thick heel.

Gloves and Hats.

Male constantly wore gloves. Common colors were White, Grey or Tan and they typically matched the neck wear. Bow ties, neckties and cravat ties were equally essential in males’s dress.

Topping a guy with a hat was the last little bit of style a well-dressed Edwardian man required. Derbies or bowlers were appropriate day use while top hats were used for official occasions.

For starters, Guy wore Sack fits. Guy could pick in between three types of shoes, mostly depending on where the shoes were going to be used.

These are really comparable to males’s gown shoes today. Guy always wore gloves. Bow ties, neckties and cravat ties were similarly required in guys’s dress.

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