Fantastico Automatic Installation Scripts

Fantastico is the reputable automatic installation script for cPanel web servers. Over 10,000 present installations providing over a million subscribers to easily add dozens of the primary open source content management systems into their web hosting.

Fantastico scripts can be a cPanel/PHP based web application. Integratable aided by the ever popular cPanel Fantastico allows hosting clients to routinely use a selection of popular Open Source applications. The assembly of many popular tools and scripts takes a question of seconds as well as makes it possible for even novice web host people to carry out tasks and installations which would typically need a great deal of setup or maybe script knowledge.

The installation technique eliminates the necessity to setup MySQL databases, chmodding files, importing structure and also other things ordinarily linked to the setting up of web scripts. Such is its ease of use; Fantastico scripts are actually the top installer package for cPanel servers. Fantastico boasts they’re installed on over 10,000 servers across the globe with in excess of 1 million end users.

With Fantastico scripts even newbies are able to produce interactive web sites without the usual know-how required. gili ketapang of any specific script may in addition be installed to a sites directory or even into sub-domains and also add-ons . Fantastico is seen from the admin area or maybe WHM in cPanel. The installer mainly focuses on popular open source software but is additionally readily available to assist in the setting up of a handful of business products. Once installed for a server, scripts are available to other drivers as well as domains on the product.

At present there are over fifty uses which can be reliant on the Fantastico installer. The most popular methods include things like shopping carts, wikis, blogs, cms systems and Photo sharing scripts. Fantastico is greatly popular with ecommerce webmasters since it facilitates the assembly of popular shopping carts such as Cube Cart, OS Commerce and Zen Cart. Fantastico scripts actually handle uses including PHPlist for managing and processing email lists.

The only downside of Fantastico would be that it’ll only presently run on CPanel servers running Linux or FreeBSD. The Fantastico scripts likewise require root server access with the purpose to set up it. Hosting clients or end users then access Fantastico through their cPanel admin area or even WHM but will in addition require one MySQL database for every installation.

However these are not massive downsides for such a flexible application and it is precisely why so many web hosting organisations and companies choose to use Fantastico to produce added value to their consumer packages & services.

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