Pot and Its Effect in Fertility

Marijuana and The Effect of its on Fertility: The source plant of Marijuana is Cannabis Sativa. The term Marijuana itself means weed, grass or pot. It’s a very debatable drug due to its effects on body which is human. Undoubtedly, even the moderate dose of this drug is not safe. The controversy is about the extent to which it is harmful. The THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is probably the most effective psychoactive ingredient of Marijuana. But aside from this, there are aproximatelly 400 other elements in this drug. The sturdiness of Marijuana depends upon the kind of plant, conditions during harvesting, and also the magnitude of THC contained in it. It is believed that Marijuana has become stronger with the passes of time. https://weedthuglife.com/ , among the products of Marijuana grow, is normally stronger than crude Marijuana because of increased concentration of THC. It is fat soluble and remains within the body for in regards to a month, which means that has more potential to bring about danger. Peer pressure is one of the main factors of youth getting this particular drug.

Apart from its psychoactive effects, it’s biological effects also. It is able to hurt human reproductive system. Certain scientific researches show that Marijuana is able to result in loss of both female and male fertility temporarily. Thus, it may be especially harmful for adolescents, as this’s the phase when both their physical and sexual development is very fast. There is absolutely no proof that Marijuana leads to chromosome injury.

Marijuana and the Effect of its on Male Fertility

Marijuana triggers obstruction in sperm mobility and also may reduce the sperm count, hence decreasing its effectiveness. It also reduces the volume of seminal fluid. Again, THC ought to result in these changes. According to several researchers, Marijuana is able to cause changes in the procedure for hyper activation of semen. The sperm of Marijuana smokers moves way too fast at early stage of swimming and uses up out even before the procedure for fertilization, thus creating temporary infertility. But these consequences are not permanent and can be reversed within 30 days of stopping Marijuana’s consumption.

Like tobacco, Marijuana is also linked to the rest in the DNA of semen. These breaks happen in the proportion to the regularity of smoking. So the better you smoke the more damage you are causing to your sperm. Though since it is metabolized in liver, it can cause increased levels of estrogen, though the ill effects of Marijuana happen to be not over that of tobacco. This increased amount of estrogen in consequence may boost mobility and abnormal sperm count. Marijuana also can have an effect on the antioxidant potential of the seminal fluid by lowering it, which could affect the sperm negatively.

Marijuana and its Effect on Female Fertility

Like other drugs, Marijuana also crosses placenta. Though it is not known whether it affects female fertility or even the fetus in any way, it is a good idea to women not to be indulged in drugs like this. Maternal use of Marijuana can cause birth of premature babies and low birth weights

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