Seven Types Of Gemstone Ring Setting Styles

Gemstone rings are actually elegant looking and make excellent wedding or perhaps engagement rings. They are available in different setting styles; consequently, you’ve choices that are numerous to select from. The different environment designs of gemstone rings include:

Prong setting

It is the classic and common most ring setting. A prong is merely a bit of metal claw which grips the gemstone firmly consequently holding it in position. Prongs may be pointed, flat, Rounded or v-shaped. The majority of the rings with this particular setting feature 4 or perhaps 6 prongs. The cool thing with this particular setting is the fact that there’s very little existence of the metal; thus, a lot of gemstone is actually visible. This enables much more lightweight to successfully pass through the gemstone hence making it much more brilliant.

3 stone ring setting

The 3 stone ring setting is actually typical with gemstone rings. The setting belongs to the couple’s past, existing, and long term. In order to come up with the setting intriguing, in nearly all of the instances, the 2 smaller stones are actually of a diverse gem while the bigger center stone is actually that of the choice of yours. In the event you do not wish to attract a great deal of interest to your ring, begin using the same gems.

Bezel setting

The setting is extremely popular with folks leading active lives. These include other, nurses, and teachers workers that use their hands nearly all of the time. Rather than the prongs holding the gemstone, the environment encircles the gem therefore protecting it from not merely becoming lost but also from harm. The setting may be complete or partial. A full bezel entirely surrounds the gem while a partial bezel actually leaves the sides wide open.

Figural setting

This’s a decorative setting that will come in designs that are different that involve various shapes including marquise, pear, and oval. From the name of its, this particular setting aims at producing various figures and objects like animals, leaves, and flowers. When making the order, pick one which suits the personality of yours.

Cluster setting style

From the name of its, this’s a setting which “clusters” the gemstones firmly together to be able to make them are like one large gemstone. The manufacturer is able to include one bigger center stone or perhaps make use of a lot of little stones of identical sizes.

Right-hand setting style

In contrast to popular believe, this particular setting is not the one which uses the right hand. The setting represents any innovative ring design which makes use of geometric components, filigree information, sophisticated patterns and various other beautifully done accents.

Flush setting

Also referred to as gypsy setting, this particular environment sets the gemstone in a drilled gap so that the band rests “flush” with the band of the band. The setting is actually perfect in case you’re looking for a male’s wedding band as the stone sits properly in place hence it is shielded from harm and falling out.


These’re several of the typical setting styles. When making the purchase you need to note that many types have different qualities thus perfect for various applications. Apart from since the setting of the band, also check out color, flaws, clarity, and the cut. Additionally, imagine the jewelry shop you’re purchasing from. As rule of thumb make sure you purchase from an established store. More at Sapphire rings

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