Social Media Marketing and Your Company

Social Media Marketing – Social Media Only Won’t Work for My Organization

I recently attended a convention of business owners. I was astonished with some of the ideas, remarks, ideas, which I received
from other small business owners, while talking during the seminar. I heard things like social media is not worth the time or the
money, social media just doesn’t work for my business, or perhaps social media simply does not work.

I want to remind you of a quote from Bill Gates:

I really don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other. How many times in the past year have
you gone to the Yellow Pages. Personally, I don’t use the Yellow Pages anymore, and if you were to have a look at the Yellow Pages
out of your community, I will bet they’re thinner today than they used to be. If you and your business consider becoming involved
with social networking(SM), then have a step back and consider it as a promotion tool, like the Yellow Pages used to be. They used
to be thought of as an superb marketing tool. Not so much anymore. Even if you should go in and have a look inside, I bet you
you’ll discover lots of blank spaces in your Yellow Pages, because they don’t get sufficient businesses advertising with them.

Online information technology is becoming the best way to contact your customers and customers. Personally, if I am searching for
some thing, in my area and when I’m traveling, I go on the internet and Google it first. What do you do? Where do you go when
you’re trying to find a business solution or an reply to your query?

One of the big things that I’ve come across is people who are beginning to become involved with information technologies and SM is
that they have a web site that’s static. It simply sits there, it doesn’t do anything. It is just one big pretty image with some
contact info, maybe a phone number, an address, nothing interactive, nothing to provide the person, nothing to entice the person
to take a closer look at the business. It is like using a fantastic huge business card online. Take a look at your website, is it
functioning “to” you?

One of the things you want in your business is social proof. You want social proof. And the easiest way you’re likely to find that
is for you to have a presence in social media. If Social Media Marketing in Nigeria don’t want to get left behind in marketing your business then you must get
on board with interpersonal media marketing. All business can benefit whether they are big or little; brick and mortar or online.

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