The Reality About Face Masks and the Need for New N95

As the nation has actually opened back up and cases are surging in numerous states, President Trump and the CDC highly recommend that everyone wear a face mask when they leave their house.

Some cities and states are now mandating that you need to use a mask – even in your own yard!

But, tying a bandana around your face or using an inexpensive surgical mask a) doesn’t work that well b) is hot and uncomfortable.

Plus, a lot of made-at-home masks have substantial “leakage” around the nose and under the mouth.

Fortunately, there are secured 95% filtering, comfy masks.

As we navigate these unpredictable times, there is a great deal of puzzling details out there.

Numerous things are changing by the minute:

Stats and predictions that leave us reeling
Science that is continuously developing
Suggestions for public health can be inconsistent
A constant stream of “fake news” flooding in
All we can do is do our finest to care for ourselves and others, and that’s why I have actually been trying to share what handy information I can from a trustworthy, science-based, natural health perspective.

Among the most confusing pieces of guidance recently has been around mask-wearing.

Does it work? Should mask-wearing be necessary?

According to my expert point of view, here is what you really need to understand about wearing a face mask today (and why the truth may shock you).

The very best fundamental step is still to keep up with routine, thorough hand-washing with warm water and soap.

But there is one crucial step most Americans overlook, and this can go a long way towards keeping your body safe.

Is your hand-washing method leaving you vulnerable to health problem or worse?

I think you’ll wonder why you didn’t begin doing this weeks ago …


Stay at home in your “safe zone”.
Avoid public transport. Walk, utilize your vehicle.
Prevent closed spaces with A/C.
Prevent contact with individuals without face masks.
Sanitize hands after touching anything outside of safe zone.
custom masks Need To know:
People without face masks are a risk for you and for your close ones.
Droplets can spread approximately 7 meters.
Anticipate that whatever outside of safe zone is infected. Do not touch your eyes.
On metals and plastics, the infection can persist for days. Disinfect your cell phone.
You can develop your own disinfection, preferably 60% -70% alcohol.
Constantly wear a face mask exterior (even homemade).
A used face mask should be treated as infected. Decontaminate or boil it.
Slower breath increases the effectiveness of any face mask.

Secure your eyes with any glasses.
Securing your eyes is as vital as the protection of your breath.
>> > It’s time to take more care about yourself and family!

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