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Welcome to the house of the 1888 World Fair and the 1992 Olympic Games, the capital of the Catalan region, a culture marked by its distinctive amalgam of Spanish along with the French cooking method. Known for its rich heritage, the city of Barcelona located on the Mediterranean coast is deeply rooted in previous times.

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The spectacular architecture and art.

On vacation in Barcelona, ​​you will manage your eyes with several of the best and most unusual archaic architectures in the world that remain immaculate and unmatched to date. It is the work of the superlative Spanish architect Antonio Gaudí. Gaudí’s exclusive masterpiece could be seen in the church of the Sagrada Familia, the 6-story apartment of Casa Batlo, Casa Mila also recognized as ‘The Quarry’, the multifamily private residence that gives the feeling of emerging in the same corner , Casa Vicens The summer villa on the outskirts of Barcelona is a great mix of innovative and traditional styles and the last, but not least, Park Güell, a metropolitan environmental challenge, a masterpiece of this particular genius.

To intensify the magnificence of Barcelona, ​​what is delayed is the exquisite and outstanding work of Picasso. Picasso’s remarkable concert is placed in perspective at the Picasso Museum, where the wing of the museum shows Picasso’s interpretation of the famous ‘Las Meninas’ by Valazquez. The MNAC, that is, the National Museum of Art of Catalonia, shows an exotic collection of the work during the Gothic and Renaissance era, along with many other great things such as coins, medals, sculptures and sculptures, etc., but this is not everyone . A large number of 20th-century art forms and sculptures by Joan Miró, Botero, Motherwell and Basquiat are generally treasured at the MACBA – Mueseu d ‘Art Contemporani museums in Barcelona and at the Joan Miró Fundacio Museum.

Something else about Barcelona

The months of July and June blink with the celebration of the festival of art of the Fest of Grec Barcelona, ​​November and October have the responsibility of the film festival abroad and May is plagued by all fans of the grand prize. You can choose all these stations, in addition to these, to marvel at the exquisiteness of Barcelona. Accommodations are conveniently offered for your pocket. There are several great hotels in Sur Diagonal, Eixample, Barri Gotic, etc. And luxury villas don’t spoil you in the countryside. Barcelona on the streets of Spain has not demographically climbed heights. With a thin population of less than 2 million, the city allows you to roam freely everywhere without much volume.

On your escape to Barcelona, ​​do not leave Ciutat Vella, the old city that nests in the center of Barcelona, ​​which speaks of its rich Gothic structure from the medieval era and an unforgettable march in the pedestrian block of La Rambla. . surrounding the vibrant street and markets. artists

The nightlife can be savored in the quite lonely area of ​​Gracia, near the center of Barcelona, ​​which has the coveted task of Gaudí de Casa Vicens. Try to let the water caress and consent your body on the coast of Little Barceloneta or Barcelona and let your mouth enjoy the succulent seafood that is served here in Little Barcelona. A breath of air along the contemporary urban development project Eixample, where a grid is created with a garden adjacent to each block, is undoubtedly significant.

After entering this great city that forks in many districts and areas, you haveThere are no problems to move. From meters, trains and buses to rental cars, everything is at your service. For travelers with a low budget, it is recommended to attend a special ‘Barcelona Card’ that allows them free admission, as well as discounts in 100 famous places along with an invaluable public transport.

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